Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

This list includes resources available in the Athens-Clarke County area. For more information, please follow up with the facility listed. The facilities are listed in alphabetical order.

Commencement Center, 1175 Mitchell Bridge Road, Athens, GA 30606. Telephone: (706)-546-7355 Fax: (706)-546-8439; Email:; Website:; Services: Outpatient detoxification programs for drug & alcohol abuse, aftercare/continuum care, medication, group therapy, and family therapy. Eligibility: Adults, over the age of 18. Fees/Rates: Accepts some insurance, does not accept medicare/Medicaid.

DM & ADR, 1710 Commerce Road, Athens, GA, 30607; Telephone: (706) 552-0688; Fax: (706) 552-0608; Contact: Ali McCorkle; Email:; Website: None. Services: Methadone detoxification, methadone maintenance, individual counseling, support groups, aftercare. Eligibility: Opiate addicted person who are over the age of 18. Intake/Referral: Walk-ins, telephone for an appointment, outside referrals. Age Groups/Special Populations: Adults, court ordered/mandated, substance abuse/addiction. Hours: Office hours: Mon. – Fri.: 5:30 am – 2:00 pm; Patient hours:  Mon. – Fri.: 5:30 am- 11:00 am, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm; Sat.: 6:00 am –10:00 am. Requirements: Photo ID is required. Fees/Rates: Straight fee of $11 per day. Intake fees: $71 for females, $61 for males. Payment Types Accepted: Will accept self-pay only.

Freedom From Bondage, P.O. Box 80744, Athens, GA 30608; Telephone: 706-614-4964; Contact: Chris Scruggs; Email:; Website:; Services: Safe, sober living environment, subsidized housing. Eligibility: Females over the age of 18 in substance abuse recovery. Hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Intake/Referral: Telephone for appointment, application can be located on website, by appointment only. Fees/Rates: $200 entry fee (does not include rent); $100 per week rent. Requirements of residents: Remain clean and sober; submit to drug screens as requested; attend 7 meeting per week, 2 meetings per week are offered at residence.

Guardian of Dreams Recovery Homes, 53 Ninth Street, Colbert, GA 30627; Telephone: 706-797-0079, 706-248-7845; Contact: Bryan Weekley; Email:

Hope House, 257 North Finley Street, Athens GA 30601; Contact: Matt Minshew; Telephone: (706)-546-6149; Services: 12 step based sober living residential facility; fee based; 41 beds; two in-house meetings per week. Eligibility: Males of over the age of 18 in substance abuse recovery. Hours: 24 hours, seven days per week. Intake/Referral: By appointment only, please call. Fees/Rates: $250.00 Entry fee (does not include any rent); $125.00 per week. Requirements: Regular attendance at N.A./A.A. meeting both in house and outside meetings; drug testing/breathalyzer upon request.

Jarrett & Associates, 1721 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30606; Telephone: (706) 543-8088; Fax: (706) 543-8438; Contact: Caroline Hawkes (Receptionist); Email:; Web: None. Services: Psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Eligibility: Individuals need to have third party insurance including Medicare.Intake/Referral: By appointment only; please telephone for an appointment. Age Groups/Special Populations: Adults, ex-offenders/current or past criminal charges, physical abuse victims, sexual abuse victims, personality disorders, substance abuse/addiction, mental health issues. Hours: Mon. – Thurs.: 9:00 am –5:00 pm; Requirements: Photo ID and insurance card (if applicable). Fees/Rates: Straight fee of $200 for the initial session (must be paid in cash). $100 for follow up appointment. Payment Types Accepted: Medicare and private insurance. Agency can not accept Health Plan Select.

Miles Street-Advantage Behavioral Health Systems, 195 Miles Street, Athens, GA 30601; Telephone: 706-369-5745;  Fax: 706-369-6328; Crisis: 800-715-4225; Website:; Services: Crisis stabilization, Intensive Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Individual Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Evaluation. Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed holidays. Eligibility: Residents of Clarke, Oconee, Oglethorpe, and Madison Counties.Intake/referral: Please call. Fees/Rates: Crisis stabilization provided for indigent, those without insurance, or Medicaid. All other services provided on a sliding fee scale, $75 up front fee. Patient needs to provide proof of employment or proof of lack of employment, which can be obtained from the Department of Labor.

Palm House Recovery Centers, Inc., 540 Oglethorpe Ave., Athens, Georgia 30606; Telephone: 706.248.0536; Fax: 706.369.6788; Contact: Sandra Moore; Email:; Website:; Services: Structured sober living environment. Intake/Referral: Please call, by appointment. Hours: 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Eligibility: Male and Female over the age of 18 in Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery. Fees/Rates: Entry Fee $200.00; Males weekly $125.00; Females weekly $100.00 (includes board, utilities and food). Requirements: Weekly random drug and alcohol screens upon request; attend 2 in house recovery meetings per week and 5 outside recovery meetings per week.

Penfield Christian Home,  1061 Mercer Circle, Union Point, GA 30669; Contact: Ben Sitton; Telephone: (706) 453-7929; Fax: (888) 785-0613; Email:; Website:;  Services: Six week Intensive Inpatient residential, rehabilitation service, counseling service, family counseling service and aftercare. Intake/Referral: By appointment, please call. Eligibility: Males age 18 and over. Fees/Rates: $2500.00 for 6 week program.

Person Centered Court Services, LLC, 1060 Gaines School Road, Suite A3, Athens, GA 30605; Telephone: (706) 549-5522; Fax: (706) 543-6400; Contact: Call office to book appointment with Sam Evans via his secretary. Email: mail@personcentered.comWeb:; Services: DUI issues, driver’s license reinstatement, evaluations, substance abuse treatment, anger management, family violence intervention, psycho-education, state mandated treatment programs. Eligibility: Everyone is eligible. Intake/Referral: Walk-ins, website, and outside referrals.Age Groups/Special Populations: Adults, adolescents, single parents with children, families, court ordered/mandated, crisis intervention, ex-offenders/past or current criminal charges, physical abuse victims, sexual abuse victims, domestic violence offenders, anger management, personality disorders, mental retardation/learning difficulties, substance abuse/addiction, mental health issues. Service Area: Clarke County and Oconee County. Hours: Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 am –6:00 pm. Requirements: Photo ID is preferred, but not always necessary. Fees/Rates: Varies with type of service. Payment Types Accepted: Self-pay and credit cards. Agency does not accept insurance or personal checks.

Potter’s House, 655 Potters House Road, Jefferson GA 30549; Telephone: (706)-543-8338×5103; Email:; Services: 180 bed, Christian recovery center for men ages 25-55 with no dual diagnosis. Eligibility: Males between the ages of 25 and 55 willingly seeking admission due to their chemical addiction problem, and will to do what is necessary for a successful recovery; to participate with Christian recovery goals; minimum 1 year commitment (including Aftercare).

Project Adam, 112 Lanthier Street,Winder, GA 30680; Telephone: (770)-867-8003; Fax: (770)-867-3935; Email:; Website:; Contact: Gina McDonald, Executive Director; Services: 36-bed, fee-supported, Christian-based substance abuse recovery shelter, Level III.1 treatment facility, adult males only; Anger management, DUI School; Defensive Driving; Drug Testing; Family Counseling, individual counseling, Couples/Marital Counseling, Group Therapy, Peer Counseling in groups and one on one; Substance Abuse and Court Ordered assessments; Adolescent/Youth counseling, Bereavement/Grief counseling, caregiver counseling, and Court ordered services. Eligibility: Males in seeking substance abuse treatment, able to work, must complete screening process; ex-offenders with non-violent, non-sexual offenses. Intake/Referral: Please call to schedule appointment. Fees/Costs: $175/ week for residential; $280 for DUI school; $75 for defensive driving course, $25-$45 for Drug Testing; $30 fee for outpatient services, $25 for Anger Management; $25 for Adolescent outpatient.

Recovery Café, 325 North Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30601; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5856, Athens GA 30604; Telephone: (706) 769-8902; Fax:(706) 353-1943; Contact: Dr. Mark Bretchel; Email:; Website: http://; Hours: Office hours: Mon.–Fri.: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. Sessions can run till 6:00 pm; Services: Psychological evaluations, depression/anxiety, individual therapy, couple and family therapy, substance abuse treatment. Eligibility: Adults. Intake/Referral: Telephone for appointment. Age Groups/Special Populations: Adults, families, substance abuse/addiction, ex-offenders/current or past criminal convictions. Requirements: Photo ID and Insurance Card. Fees/Rates: Psychological evaluations are $135; each session is $110. Payment Types Accepted: Private pay and most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Strong Day Recovery Inc., 245 Hawthorne Extension, Athens, GA 30606; Contact: Richard Allen (Residential Coordinator); Telephone: (706) – 543-3538‎; Hours: Office hours: Mon. – Fri.: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sat.: 10:00 am –4:00 pm; There is a curfew for residents: they are allowed to leave premises at 5:00 am but must return by 11:30 pm each night (12:30 am on Saturday nights) Services: Residential, 6 month drug and alcohol recovery program for males over the age of 18. Eligibility: Must be 18 years and older. Males only. Intake/Referral: Can walk-in or call for an appointment. Age Groups/Special Population: Male, alcohol/drug addiction, ex-offenders/current or past criminal charges. Requirements: Photo ID and must have a Social Security number. Must have a job or be looking for a job (must get employment within 7 days of being a resident). Fees/Rates: $85 per week. Payment Types Accepted: Self-pay: cash only.

The Healing Place of Athens, Physical Address: 1635 W. Broad Street, Athens, GA 30604; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7818, Athens, GA 30604;  Telephone: 706-369-0603; Contact: Norman Daily; Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; overnight shelter 4 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.7 days per week. Website:; Services: 90 day in-patient alcohol and drug treatment for men, structured transitional housing, Overnight shelter. Cost: For the shelter, the first night is free and then $5 each night after. For the 90 day treatment course a minimum of $350.00 up front, and then rent is charged once housing is found for patients. Eligibility: Males only 21 years of age and older. No access for individuals taking prescription medication. Intake/Referral: Walk-ins or telephone for an appointment. Age Groups/Special Population: Males only. Hours: The overnight shelter is open Mon.–Fri.: 4:00 pm – 7:30 am. Requirements: Photo ID and Social Security number. Wait Time: None. Advised to arrive at the overnight shelter early to ensure a bed. Fees/Rates: For the shelter, the first night is free and then $5 each night after. For the 90 day treatment course a minimum of $350.00 up front, and then rent is charged once housing is found for patients. Payment Types Accepted: Self-pay only.

Theodore Goetz, Ph.D., 1751 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30606; Telephone: (706) 548-9441; Fax: (706) 354-8904; Contact: Dr. Theodore Goetz; Email: NoneWebsite: None. Services: Psychological evaluation; individual, couple, and family therapy; substance abuse (after care); adjustment after trauma; depression; and anxiety. Eligibility: Anyone is eligible. Intake/Referral: Telephone for an appointment. Age Groups/Special Populations: Children, adolescents, adults, families, substance abuse, ex-offenders/current or past criminal charges. Hours: Will vary. Requirements: None. Patients are asked to complete an information sheet on first visit. Fees/Rates: Initial session is $180. Individual therapy sessions are $135, family/couple therapy sessions are $145. Psychological evaluations are $180 per hour. Payment Types Accepted: Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Aetna, HMO.


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